Case Study of A Company Rebranding: 3-Keys Communications

Over the last few weeks, my company 3-Keys Communications has been slowly rolling out our new brand identity.

The first step in our rebranding was creating a logo that represented our name and encompassed the essence of the company. 3-Keys Communications was formed through the merging of my business partner and myself so we also needed to take into account our different specialties and areas of expertise. Our reason is that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts alone.

The Message

3-Keys Communications’ purpose is to help our customers grow by developing an effective message, delivering it to the right people at the right places and using the best medium for their purpose.

Our tagline, “Solutions for Growth” encompasses the idea that we focus on the right tasks to help your business grow. While we are labeled as a graphic design firm, web design firm or print company, we are really a communication agency that understands these different areas and knows how to use each element most effectively. Our designs and implementations work across each platform and are tailored to the specific requirements of each. Like a business consulting firm, we identify the results you want to achieve and the best ways to achieve them. Each solution is custom built for your specific needs.

The 3-Keys Communications Logo

Our logo image is a play on the concept of growth, represented by leaves, and the keys referred to in our company name, while the typography is clean, modern and fresh. The 3 is very legible, yet slightly playful as it overlaps the word ‘Keys’.

3-Keys Communications Logo

Ideally, the next step would to be launch a new website, newsletter template, stationery, Facebook cover photo and any other online media simultaneously, however, for various reasons we have rolled this out in a soft launch in two stages. Stage one is in the visual points of contact on the Facebook page and in client communications.

3-Keys Communications, Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Website?

This 3-Keys Facebook timeline photo was created for the marketing concept of targeting the reticular activating system, where you prime or prep your audience to think you you when they head certain words or phrases (more on this next time). By listing out the questions or complaints that your target market has, you are priming your target to be more aware of you when they actually hear those pain points.

The Website

Our website is still in progress because there are several quite complex elements being created to ensure that the user experience that combines an innovative and interesting & effective design with marketing strategy. We hope to launch the website in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the taste of the new brand that we do have available.

Hello, my name is…

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name and who I am has become such a major part of my business brand (especially when I was a soloprenuer) that I wanted have an outlet to be myself – in a business sense. I’m an entreprenuer. I’m also a marketer, graphic designer and a web designer. I built my own successful marketing, design and web business through the recession of ’08 – ’10 and now I am starting another business with a business partner. My goal is life is to be a successful serial entrepreneur (and travel the world with friends and family).

Most of what I know is self-taught. (At least when related to my business).

I taught myself to program HTML code when I was 12.

I started with a free Homestead account and was so frustrated by the templates that I went into the backend and started creating my own layouts based on what I learned – mostly from other blogs, forums and tutorials that I found online. I have since gone on to teach myself, CSS, HTML5 and PHP. As I learned about the craze with WordPress, I jumped on that bandwagon too.

I became a Graphic Designer.

I spent most of my childhood thinking I wanted to be a vet…then decided that wasn’t for me. My next favorite hobby was video games and drawing and that eventually lead to a degree in Computer Graphic Design.

I immersed myself in the online marketing world.

Marketing is a major part of design and my course emphasized the research phase of the design process. This includes understanding your target market and designing to their needs and requirements. I have then gone on to subscribe to countless blogs and trainings by other marketers. I understand the basics of marekting and excel at implementing them online as well as cross-platform (print to web to tradeshow to social media and back again).

I built a business by myself.

And it was successful – my clients are the type that leave raving (in a good way) testimonials about me. Then I took that business and merged it with a business partner to create a new company. As we say 1+1 = 11. It is going to be pure awesomeness.

So that’s enough about me. Now for awesome topics, like how to make money with your website! No, this is not about cheap gimmicks that help me make money from people who fall for my tricks and purchase products from me. This is about me teaching you what I have learned.

So…let’s begin!